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final proposal:

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For the final project, I am looking for beauty in the media. since ever, female and male are bombarded by the ever changing image of beauty in the magazines, T.V shows, advertisements, and etc. we are making stereotype into what is real beauty and based on what we have saw in the media.
While, the more we are participate into media’s influences, we are become stereotype about beauty and limited into certain ranges of being skinny, curvy, long hair, white teeth, blond hair, and etc. we do see the kinds of women from the media, but it does not meant they are beautiful to everyone. People might be influenced by the media’s brainwashes, but we should not comparing reality people to those showed in media. Also, we should not be shame of how we are look like, fat or skinny, tall or short, blond or black. Beauty should not be limited in certain conditions, it should be very free and variety of being beauty as what we think is to be. i can have short hair, darker skin tone and 5 feet tall, don’t have skinny body figure, I can still be confidence about myself and believe that I am pretty. Pretty does not have to be admitted by other people, it’s your esteem of how you view you self as beautiful or not. We are all born into individual and no should looking alike and same tall, same weight and share the same beauty. Every one of us is beautiful in differently, because we are human and we are born into different as others.
Therefore, in the project I am looking for pictures from the popular feminine magazines and online searches for the pictures from the popular T.V shows or pictures of popular celebrities. I will use these pictures on my field work and to gain information from the interviewees. I am looking forward on how people think about themselves and how they think about beauty is to them.

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