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Paper tiger- TV collective

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The paper tiger TV collective is an open, non-profit organization, that provides a platform to different groups of people to express their thought and ideas that they want to promote to the society. Majority of the topics express on the programs that we have never heard in public Medias or newspaper. Like the video clip I watched on the PTTV blog, she announced about that the government agency are allow to get our privacy in no matter of what, we will not be announced if our information has been used or we might be monitoring by the government that we just don’t know about it. Which she try to announce to the public that we have no privacy under privacy act of since the United States always mentioned about privacy act. I have never saw this video clip in any of the public newspaper, magazines or in TV commercial. But only at PTTV site to post your thought and ideas to the society.

literature review – getting serious

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“Beauty as Status”

Murray Webster, Jr. and James E. Driskell, Jr.  Source: The American journal of sociology 

Vol. 89 No. 1 Jul, 1983 pp. 140- 165. Published by: The university of Chicago press.

In this article, the author mentioned that physical attractive- beauty can affect our social life in advantage and disadvantage. People who are attractive in outlook are having great chance in successful in the future life than the people unattractive. People who have attractive outlook will have great and happiness marriage like than the unattractive people. Also, in school, teachers are more favor to the attractive students than the unattractive students. People who have good outlook usually are easier in making friends and easier finding the intimate partners than the unattractive people. According to Krebs and Adinolifi’s researches in 1975, the disadvantages for good looking people who being treated unequally as the unattractive people, other people will only focus on their appearance than their working abilities. Nor, the unattractive people have greater chance of showing their working abilities. For those who have great looking do received some benefits in the social life, but it can also being judged and criticized from other people on how they viewed people whose attractive than unattractive.

“Beauty matter”, “Hair matters” and “The face of our Past”

Constance Ulmer, Peg Zeglin Brand, Kathleen Thompson, and Hilary Mac Austin.

NWSA Journal, Vol. 13 No. 2.  2001. Pp. 196-200.

Published by: The John Hopkins university press. 

In this article, author mentioned women are struggling their outlook can affect their social life toward to success or failure. Attractive outlook can earn much more benefits and easier to earn the advantages in either working place or in the social life. In the articles, author has mentioned that hair, dress, makeup are all matters to women’s life. It can affect a person’s confidence of how they viewed themselves in the public. Especially for minor groups of people, they have different viewed of beauty as means to them, “Hair matters” mentioned African American women share a collective consciousness of hair, they believe hair has both “social and political context” when association with perception of beauty.

“What is good is beauty”

Gayle Owen and J. Guthrie Ford. Vol. 41, No 1. 1978. Pp. 73-75.  Trinity University

According to the article, author has mentioned about how we view about beauty as it is, is according to only the physical beauty or also the inner beauty too.  To keep a good relationship, good looking are much important than the persona’s inner beauty. As the research showed, when men has greater of male vocational achievement, are more of attracted to physical beauty. For women, they are more looking forward to knowledge about the how the person it is than the appearance. Men have different view and knowledge about beauty then women does. Female are more rely on the inner side of the person instead of men are more easily to be attracted to the appearances of the person. Since my research is about how people view about beauty,  I hope I can walking into the city and interview to random people with different age, gender and race about how they view beauty as to their own thought.


I will start with about 10 questions for the research and try to interview the volunteers who like to take the survey. I will make my research at QC college and looking for the result of how people view about beauty according to their own knowledge.


I will first identify myself as sociology major student, and telling them that I am working on the final project about how people view about beauty. i will using some pictures from magazines, posters and online for the research. the personal information they provided will be an anonymous.


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