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Paper tiger- TV collective

Filed under: Uncategorized — helen720 at 12:37 am on Monday, April 19, 2010

The paper tiger TV collective is an open, non-profit organization, that provides a platform to different groups of people to express their thought and ideas that they want to promote to the society. Majority of the topics express on the programs that we have never heard in public Medias or newspaper. Like the video clip I watched on the PTTV blog, she announced about that the government agency are allow to get our privacy in no matter of what, we will not be announced if our information has been used or we might be monitoring by the government that we just don’t know about it. Which she try to announce to the public that we have no privacy under privacy act of since the United States always mentioned about privacy act. I have never saw this video clip in any of the public newspaper, magazines or in TV commercial. But only at PTTV site to post your thought and ideas to the society.

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