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survey questions

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1. Do you think you are easily influenced by what you see in the media e.g. on T.V, Magazines, Advertisements ( please see the picture)

No opinion

2. Are you happy with the way you look?

Other ___________
Don’t want to answer

3. If “No” please explain your answer


4. Do you think that people in the public eye depict as a good representation as beauty? ( please see the picture )

Don’t know

5. Do you think a person’s external beauty is important than inner beauty?

Don’t know

6. what do think beauty is according to?
Inner only
Outlook only
Dont know

7. What is your gender?

Male          Female        other  

8. What is your age group?

18-29           30-39      40+

9. What is your ethnicity?

White       Black    Hispanic         Asian         Other: _____________


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I took this picture while I’m sitting the coffee shop, I see through the window and I saw this picture. It’s nice, simple and I like it so much of how this picture was showed. It was different as other advertisement showed, sexy, cute, dressed up, heavy makeup and etc. this picture is not that attractive as other, while I am sitting at the coffee shop for at least 15 minutes, maybe about 2 or 3 people actually take look at the picture, majority are just passed by and not recognized the picture at all. Honestly, I don’ understand the real meaning of this picture what it try to delivery to the public, However, I took this picture because I felt this is a very different picture as majority of the advertisement or magazines showed.

href=”http://helen720.qwriting.qc.cuny.edu/files/2010/05/0503-glamour-june-cover_at.jpg”>picture 2 –>

This picture I found on glamour’s magazine website, this is the cover of the month. When I first saw this picture, I know it was very attractive to both female and male readers. The way they dress with sexy swimsuit, the way they are standing, carrying smiles on their face, and I totally felt the summer is coming from they are showing in the picture. yet, this picture can be easily influence part of the women’s thought of their body figures, since summer coming, diet, manicure, pedicure, tanning, and other body care stuffs. And being slimming is the most important point as what the message delivered to us, like it mentioned in this picture “ curvy, skinny it’s all good”

website of this picture found:


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