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one day trip at brooklyn…..

Filed under: Uncategorized — helen720 at 7:31 pm on Sunday, February 21, 2010

It was a coincident that i saw this moment of chinese new year’s parade held in brooklyn at sunday evening.  I went to Brooklyn for visiting my family at 8th AVE, but due to the lunar Chinese new year parade, the whole 8th ave was closed, no cars are allowed to drive in, however, since i heard the music  that make me curiouse to see what was happened and why the street are blocked by the police  cars. while i was looking for a way out, i accidently made my turn into a block  that ‘s been closed to the parade, so i double parked my care and also blocking someone’s drive way just to see what was going on right there.   When I went there, they parade are almost done, but still crowed. I asked the person who standing next to me about what happened. Because I have no idea what was going on! He told me that the parade was sponsored by Brooklyn Chinese American association, they offering free snacks and gifts for the neighborhoods. Which the street are closed, so you can just freely walking on the street without worry about the cars. Even thought, I didn’t get the chance see the whole parade, but, at least, I didn’t miss the lion dance and martial art performance, it was great, and fabulous.   It was my first time ever, but I do enjoy moment when the paper fireworks  are falling down the air, the kids  are running on the street with with thier ballons on thier hands. and the street are messed by the  party poppers and party sprays. but everybody are happy in the moment wich that includes me, too.


intro my self…..

Filed under: Uncategorized — helen720 at 3:29 pm on Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Describe myself…I thought a lot when I first heard the topic… I really don’t know how to describe myself until this moment, I brewed a hot large coffee and with my laptop, sitting in the coach, I begin brainstorm and thinking about how and what show I describe myself….coffee…as what I saw and thought!

I as coffee lover and coffee person, since 2nd year of high school, I begin drinking coffee to wake myself up. Coffee not just the drink that I have to drink every day, its more what I addicted to it. I    love the taste of how the coffee that attracted me with the bitterness taste of how it comes first, then, I will taste the sweetness of how it leave on my saliva, and the sweetness that fulfilled my mouth. When every weekend, I will brewed fresh day coffee for the whole family and we will sit around the table and have talk about the past week. Also, when I go shopping with my girl friends, after whole day of shopping, we will find the Starbucks and get my favorite Grande latte and spending couple hours there, talking about the gossips and checking what we won for the day. It was the most quality time ever, and it was the most enjoyable time that I spend with my friends. Especially in the summer time, during late afternoon, I will brewed a large cup of coffee, sitting alone in the backyard with my laptop begin my online shopping and chatting with friends. The sunshine hits on my face and the warmest wind that blows over to my face. It was wonderful time and quality time to spend with the coffee…. Coffee like reality, it always come with the bitterness than you will gain the sweetness after on……

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